Collection: Tretchikoff Candles by The Fragrance Room

Experience a groundbreaking fusion of art and fragrance with The Fragrance Room's collaboration with The Fantastical Miss Wong, bringing Vladimir Tretchikoff's vibrant masterpieces to life through exquisite scented candles. This partnership transcends traditional boundaries, offering a multi-sensory journey where the emotional depth of Tretchikoff's iconic works like "Fruits of Bali" and "Lady from Orient" is enriched by meticulously crafted scents. Each candle captures the essence of Tretchikoff's art, transforming your space into a realm of beauty and elegance, where the evocative power of scent breathes new life into timeless classics. Immerse yourself in this innovative blend of creativity and opulence, and let your senses be transported to the captivating world of Tretchikoff.