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Lady from Orient Candle | Tretchikoff | The Fragrance Room

Lady from Orient Candle | Tretchikoff | The Fragrance Room

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Tretchikoff's "Lady of the Orient" mesmerises with her enigmatic allure and timeless elegance. With delicate features and a serene gaze, she embodies the mystique and grace of the East. Rendered in Tretchikoff's signature style, the painting exudes a sense of quiet contemplation and inner strength, inviting viewers to ponder the secrets hidden within her gaze. Against a backdrop of richly patterned textiles and lush foliage, the Lady emerges as a symbol of exotic beauty and cultural richness. This iconic artwork now finds new life in the collaboration between The Fragrance Room and The Fantastical Miss Wong, where the mysterious and exotic notes inspired by "Lady of the Orient" create a multi-sensory experience, blending visual splendour with the evocative power of scent.


The manufacturing process is all done by hand, and to order, and takes us 5-10 working days. You will be notified as soon as the courier collects the order.

Thereafter, shipping time is usually 2-3 working days within South Africa and approximately 10-14 working days outside of South Africa.

Look out for Tretchikoff's Pigeon

A familiar figure in many of Tretchikoff’s works, the pigeon signified good fortune. Each one of our prints is certified with an embossed pigeon in its bottom right corner to ensure it is an authentic licensed print.

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