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Fruits of Bali Wallpaper - Tretchikoff

Fruits of Bali Wallpaper - Tretchikoff

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Fruits of Bali presents an array of tropical fruits held by an intriguing subject, against a lush, verdant background, their rich colours and textures brought to life with Tretchikoff’s remarkable precision. The carefully arranged composition offers an intriguing glimpse into the abundant world of Bali’s native flora, each fruit portrayed with a level of detail that makes it feel palpable. Fruits of Bali captures the exotic allure of Bali’s rich, tropical palette and serves as a testament to Tretchikoff’s ability to infuse everyday objects with a sense of the extraordinary.

Vladimir Tretchikoff is a notable 20th-century artist who painted a variety of realistic figures, portraits, still life, and animals. Inspired by his early life in China, Singapore, Indonesia and later his life in South Africa. Most of his many works were inspired by Malaysian or Chinese subjects that had influenced Tretchikoff. He is considered to be one of the most commercially successful artists of all time and enjoyed widespread popularity by the general public. He exhibited his art in unconventional places like shopping malls, with the goal of making his work more accessible, earning him the title ‘The People’s Painter’. His ‘Chinese Girl’ is one of the best-selling art prints to date.

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