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Grand National / Over the Jumps - Tretchikoff Print

Grand National / Over the Jumps - Tretchikoff Print

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Tretchikoff's foray into capturing motion on canvas, specifically in the context of horse racing, marked a significant shift in his artistic exploration. Starting in 1950, he delved into what he referred to as 'action studies,' which included depictions of figures engaged in various sports, such as rugby, ice hockey, soccer, and horse racing.

One particularly intriguing aspect of this period was Tretchikoff's close involvement with the horse racing scene in Cape Town. He would visit the racecourse, drawn to the excitement and dynamics of the sport. His passion for capturing the essence of the races led to a unique moment when he observed the winner being determined by examining a photo finish. Tretchikoff's enthusiasm was evident, and he was eager to incorporate this thrilling aspect of horse racing into his art. 

Tretchikoff's enthusiasm and dedication to his craft led to a commission to paint a mural of horse races for the Heerengracht Hotel in Cape Town. It was during this period that he likely created the artwork this artwork, capturing the exhilaration and energy of horse racing with his distinctive style.


We offer 5 standard sizes for each artwork, either as unframed or framed prints (behind glass). 

The standard sizes reflect the dimensions of entire print.

For framed prints - the frame sits just outside of above mentioned dimensions. 


The manufacturing process is all done by hand, and to order, and takes us 5-10 working days. You will be notified as soon as the courier collects the order.

Thereafter, shipping time is usually 2-3 working days within South Africa and approximately 10-14 working days outside of South Africa.

Material & Colour

This fine art print is printed with Epson Ultra chrome Ink on 270gsm LFORD GALERIE Prestige Fine Art Textured Silk Paper, and certified with our exclusive embossed trademark. Kindly note colours and tones viewed on your computer screen do not reflect the exact tone of the physical print.

Look out for Tretchikoff's Pigeon

A familiar figure in many of Tretchikoff’s works, the pigeon signified good fortune. Each one of our prints is certified with an embossed pigeon in its bottom right corner to ensure it is an authentic licensed print.

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