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Lady of Sumatra, Java - Tretchikoff Print

Lady of Sumatra, Java - Tretchikoff Print

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Lady of Sumatra is a captivating depiction that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Sumatran natives, particularly through their traditional attire. The artwork beautifully captures the essence of Sumatran beauty, emphasising that true natives are often at their most majestic when adorned in attire that echoes centuries-old designs. In this case, the ceremonial headgear worn by the lady in the painting draws intriguing parallels with the horned head dresses of 15th-century Europe, suggesting a fascinating interplay of cultural influences and historical connections.

The colour scheme originally featured rich golds and reds, these colours hold deep symbolic meaning. Gold often represents wealth, prestige, and spiritual significance across many cultures, while red is commonly associated with passion, vitality, and cultural identity. By incorporating these colours into the painting, the artist not only enhances the visual appeal but also imbues the artwork with layers of meaning related to royalty, heritage, and the vibrancy of Sumatran traditions.

Through "Lady of Sumatra," the artist invites viewers to appreciate the timeless elegance and sophistication of Sumatran culture. The painting serves as a tribute to the intricate designs and symbolic significance of traditional attire, showcasing a fusion of historical elements and cultural pride. It captures a moment frozen in time, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty and richness of Sumatra's heritage while highlighting the enduring allure of traditional costumes that have stood the test of time.


We offer 5 standard sizes for each artwork, either as unframed or framed prints (behind glass). 

The standard sizes reflect the dimensions of entire print.

For framed prints - the frame sits just outside of above mentioned dimensions. 


The manufacturing process is all done by hand, and to order, and takes us 5-10 working days. You will be notified as soon as the courier collects the order.

Thereafter, shipping time is usually 2-3 working days within South Africa and approximately 10-14 working days outside of South Africa.

Material & Colour

This fine art print is printed with Epson Ultra chrome Ink on 270gsm LFORD GALERIE Prestige Fine Art Textured Silk Paper, and certified with our exclusive embossed trademark. Kindly note colours and tones viewed on your computer screen do not reflect the exact tone of the physical print.

Look out for Tretchikoff's Pigeon

A familiar figure in many of Tretchikoff’s works, the pigeon signified good fortune. Each one of our prints is certified with an embossed pigeon in its bottom right corner to ensure it is an authentic licensed print.

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